where's everyone at in this game??? i'm at the Drunk Driving stage (the one right after the mall) where you gotta escort the drunk homeless guy around. just wanted to get an idea of how frickin' long this game is gonna take me to finish. thanks in advance!

I beat it in 3, maybe 4 days, but just rushed through it for 49%. :-(

Please explain the basic plot and type of game.


Im in the mental hospital.

Has anyone come across pigsy yet?

Or am i way off?

Psycho J,

I finished the first part of the asylum (I think) and so far, no piggy.

Piggsy is at the end, like a sub-boss. I loved the whole last level, thought it was awesome.

Im goin to play it now.

Are the bonus features just stills or do you get special levels out of them?

I can only manage to get 3 stars max on each.

I take too long.

I just played on Fetish becuase I rented it. # was the most I got on any scene.I just got stills. but I may buy it just to play around with it a little longer. I liked the last few levels.

Just finished the mental hospitaL stage, those guys are weird.

Haha some of the things they say are so funny.


I only got 2 stars on that level though.

Im on the prison level, just started it.

i'm currently chasing the rabbit. just 3 more levels to go until I BEAT THE GAME!! woohoo.

40 hours of playtime??? the game only has 16 levels which take maybe an hour a piece tops. hell, one level i finished in 29 minutes.

Actually, Gator, i did it in probaly 3 days. I had a 5 day rental, got it on a friday night, didn't start playing till I got home late sat nite, and finished it on a tuesday. BUT I am also unemployed and played it one night all night long till like 7 A.M.

I think I was averaging about an hour a level, but some took dreadfully longer, like the battle to the shower stall in the prison. Them nutz basically just had my number, I guess.

Also, one more tip for an extra star, you get on for time completed. Most missions that time is ten minutes, and 15 minutes on most others. But if you get killed, and then play again the game keeps track of your TOTAL playtime, so it is better to start over from Loading the game if you want to achieve the time bonus.

go to SCENE SELECTION in the main menu of the game. it shows 16 levels in the game. unless there's more after you beat the game i don't see there being 26 or 30. i'm on the 14th level right now, so i can't be sure, but that number appears to be wrong.

I believe, but could be wrong that there was 20 levels and that there are 4 bonus stages to be unlocked.