Manhunt gets F'ing hard

I know 6 months ago called and all, but I picked this thing up for 20 bucks and had a blast. But the whole scope changes towards the end and it's all about skills in firefights. I finally got into the mansion and it just gets harder. On the second to last level and would appreciate some tips.

I've heard it's great, but it sounds very stressful. Stealth games usually are for me anyway, but I heard this one is even more so.

I couldnt even get into the mansion, put it down and aint picked it up since!

great game though

very overrated game. ridiculously easy, repetative gameplay. The cutscenes get old real fast since there is no variety.

Ridiculously easy? Did you play on hard?

Wow, MadDog is the first person I've seen who said it's easy, let alone ridiculously easy.

I played it on hardcore and found it to be very boring.

I beat it on both settings. Is the second to last level Pigsy? In that case die a few times finding all of the weapons. Once you find them just run away from him and hide when you got weapons.

Play the game alone, stoned, with the lights out and volume up. A definite experience.

Helwig, provide a little more explanation about where you're stuck at.

Eg. Do you mean the part where you're moving through the mansion, starting in the wine cellar (I think - been a while since I played it); the part where you have a chainsaw and the commando guys are after you; the part with Pigsy?

First real stealth type of game I played and loved it. A little boring in the begining (could have left out 2-3 levels IMO) but man once you get some guns, this game really picks up.

Awesome game. One of the best I've ever played, and yes it does get very hard. The subway part took me forever.

jman is correct. I thought it was pretty easy too. And better yet the first stealth game I've ever played to completion. Hope there's a sequel.

"The subway part took me forever."

ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That part was ridiculous. You ever do one part of a game like 35 times and eventually you just pull some shit and beat it? Thats how it was for me in the subway and getting into the mansion. One time the guards just walked away and I bolted for the exits.

"Helwig, provide a little more explanation about where you're stuck at."

Yeah, thanks. Im in the wine cellar and have to get the key and turn the elevator on. Its at the point where 99% of kills must be with guns Im pretty sure. I just need to die a bunch and learn the level.

I find it odd thats theres no explanation why Starkweather keeps a fat bastard in a pig costume in his attic to use in snuff flims!?

Great game btw and a steal at 20 bucks.

It's been a while, but I think I just lured the initial packs into the cellar, and managed to pick them off one by one. For the bulk of the mission I gunned most of the enemies down, with only a few stealth kills. There are quite a few health pick-ups on the map, so you can get away with taking some damage.

I borrowed the Xbox version of this game from my cousin last week.

Some of the shit the enemies say in the White Trash level is hilarious.......then later on, you get the guys who sound like Cheech Marin.

IBI is correct. Just got to wait a while till you can nial them one at a time. The bloody pig took me a while though.

Manhunt hard? Come on, I beat this game in a week. That's with balancing a full time job and a wife and kid. This game is just too easy!

I don't remember the level that you are refering too but I do think that Pigsey was a real mutant pig and not someone in a suit. I could be wrong but that's what I thought.

"I don't remember the level that you are refering too but I do think that Pigsey was a real mutant pig and not someone in a suit. I could be wrong but that's what I thought."

LOL! Im no expert on mutant pigs, but a mutant pig that can talk, walk upright and use a chainsaw is a little much for me man.

As for the game being easy...I guess if you have stealth kills down to a science and are good at not getting hit it might be easy. I found the beginning tough, the middle easy and the end tough again which makes for a solid game.

How come none of us have gone an any wanton rampages of rape and murder? Isn't that what's supposed to happen when we play these sort of games?