Manhunt Mission Question?

I have played the mission in jail over and over again without getting anywhere. Tmenu says that i need two kinds of kill a red and yellow but it wont work. I have killed guys for over an hour and they keep comeing.

u have to do 1 yellow kill and 2 red kills i think.

You have to do the the kills he tells you.

I dont get it. There are two buttons for the kills an i did both. I also have killed them when there on red and yellow.

Do you know how to do a red and a yellow kill? If you don't, you have to hold the kill button down for several seconds until the icon turns yellow. A few seconds longer and it turns red. These will give you more graphic kills.

If you're doing this, then I can't understand why you're not progressing. Start the level over maybe?

I never knew that thank you dude.

Now go back and start the game over again, one of the best things is getting a new weapon and discovering what green, yellow and red kills are for that weapon.

Agreed. The violent kills rule.

I gotta get this game I think.


I'm selling my copy on Ebay: the item # is 3082920927