Manitoba commission


the commission has done an injustice to the fans, competitors and promoters! suspending multiple fighters a week away from the event with poor reasoning! i am talking about a UCW event that is scheduled to take place april 11th in winnipeg. They have caused a large disruption in the training pattern in many competitors who had the BALLS to step up and fight in their arena! unfortunatley, for many of us their reasoning for suspension is poor and lacks any substance! a reason for suspension should be justified and not at the price of the athlete, fan and promoter.

So, what was their reasoning?

their reasoning was, that in their eyes it was an un-santioned event out of the province.. even though we were told it was a santioned event

the commission seems to be out on a war path lately, at the expense of the people involved in the sport! from my understanding there was to be a "caged colosseum" event full off high quality competiton now delayed on the PETTY behalf of the manitoba boxing commission! it seems as though they are more interested a stall in combative sports rather than a move forward! i would much rather see a MMA event (proven to be safer) than a boxing match of constant head shots of hundreds of head punches per fight! lets get out of the dark ages.

 Pavelich likely had something to do with it

That sucks. Sorry to hear that.

Who told you it was sanctioned?