Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather, JR Agree

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Let the predictions begin!! or bets?

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here is what is says from article

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“The long anticipated fight between Manny Pacquiao, 51-3-2, 38 KO’s and Floyd Mayweather, JR., 41-0, 25 KO’s is a done deal with only signatures needed on the printed contract” said a very reliable inside source close to Team Mayweather who has just contacted RSR. This inside source went on to say, “Floyd is very happy that both sides could work out issues that he always felt could be talked out.” Floyd is anticipating on making well over 50 million dollars with Manny making almost the same. Tentative dates being kicked around for an HBO PPV is the middle to end of November 2010 and if this does happen there is no doubt that this fight will be the biggest grossing in history.

In recent articles, both Promoters Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum have thrown tidbits out that the fight was very close to being made which back up RSR’s source as well. Arum, recently has been putting fights on in Stadium Venues with great success and the boxing public is craving for this fight to also be in a stadium which without any doubt will be sold out in hours!

Stay Tuned to RSR for more updates on this Breaking News….

thanks for the heads up sir.

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lol @ done except for the signatures. it's not done at all until the signatures.


I wait until yahoo or fanhouse report it not to bash your source but it would have broke on yahoo already imo.

There's nothing about this on the major boxing news sites. Sounds like bs.

I'll only believe this fight is happening when they are both in the ring and the bell rings.

So I dont flood this site with pro-mayweather propaganda.



It seems to me the fight is very close to signing. The gag order has been a real help but a lot of chatter from both camps "entourage" seem to be the ones leaking that the fight is real close.

We shall see.
money line

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. -140
Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao +110

Money Mayweather!

more proof of the fight getting closer to completion

June 17, 2010 -

Floyd Mayeather Jr. and 50 Cent spoke to on June 16, 2010 regarding a hip-hop album compilation album they’ve been working on .

At 43 seconds into the video:

50 Cent says, “We’re doing a compilation album.”

Floyd Mayweather cuts in, “We’re doing a compilation album.”

Interview asks, “What’s it gonna be called?”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. responds, “I can’t tell you that, somebody might steal the name we don’t have rights to the name right now.”

50 Cent cuts in, “Yeah, we’re still building everything up.”

Interviewer asks, “The idea of a compilation... what are you thinking of?”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says, “Various artists.”

50 Cent cuts in, “Various artists... we’ll probably launch it in the heat of the next bout that’ll probably be the biggest fight that..” (Mayweather cuts in) in the HISTORY of the sport.” 50 cent reiterates... “in the history of the sport and it’ll bring a truckload of money.”

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at the 0:43

Some positive news from the 'bobfather'
Says he's 'optimistic' about the fight happening, which makes me more encouraged the fight might happen as opposed to him justinsulting various members of the mayweather camp, lol.

Mayweather by ass whooping

people are gonna feel dumber than after bisping/hendo for thinking Manny had a chance against PBF

Floyd won't get any credit for beating Manny once it happens. It'll be written off as him beating a smaller man, or that Manny was distracted by politics, or that the drug tests unfocused Pacquiao.