Manny Pacquiao was cheated

nuff said

Amen to that kabayan! Fucking judges! Mabuhay ang mandirigmang Pilipino!!!

pinoy represent!

No he did not,he got FUCKEN ripped off.

"Manny will lose a rematch by a wide margin."

Stay away from the shabu shabu ; )

bet he wishes there was a 3 knockdown rule!! nice first round

That was the first boxing match I have ever really watched.Pac owon for sure, he was ripped off, how can they do that?That's one reason I can't stand boxing BS descions like that.

The canadian flag shoud have a marajuana leaf on it. That judge must have been stoned.

greenwood isn't lying. pacquiao's a one-handed fighter, more or less. his big tricks are his speed, power, and being a lefty. his boxing's only so-so.

one of the judges admitted he made a mistake, he scored the 3 kncok down round as 10-7 instead of 10-6 which would have gave the win to manny

Great fight but Manny did win.

That was a great fight..

Manny did get robbed. However, Marquez figured him out and came back pretty strong. Not enough for a draw, but close..

I definately thin Marquez will win in a rematch..

man that first RD was BRUTAL. I am most impressed with the heart of Marquez than anything else.

judges are morons, so what else is new. of course Pac got screwed.


the draw judge admitted that he made a mistake when he gave JM a 7 instead of a 6 for the first RD. I can't complain because I had JM money and a little on the draw :)

Manny was searching for a big left hand all night, and after the first round Marquez had that figured out and dominated him for the rest of the fight. He made manny look like a semi-skilled novice the way he totally outboxed him.

yep, he would have surely won if not for the crash N burn 1st. I would have made a lot more money :(

I think that being the champ and defending his belt(s) is reason enough to believe that he shouldn't get knocked down 3x in the first round. I understood the draw but think it should have been a split for Pacman. JMM did come back solid but that first round should have lost him the fight. The only reason he didn't lose was his skill throughout the rest of the fight and his status as belt holder. He should've lost though, God bless him. I think it should have been 115-110 Pac, 113-113 Draw, 114-112 Pac. I cannot for the life of me see how that crack smoking judge scored a 115-110 fight for JMM. He wasn't nearly dominant enough to reverse a 10-6 round plus come up 5. That was ridiculous BS. A majority decision or split for Pacman would've seemed more fair for this fight. I have to agree though, JMM wins a rematch.

Great fight.

Further proof that boxing is corrupt IMO.

The one judge made a mistake, fine. But the 115 - 110, each for a different guy, just smells wrong. Seems like somebody decided mid-fight that they needed a rematch.

I like how Lamply and Stewart we're saying that something didn't "seem right" with the scoring and a few moments later were saying things like "well I guess this was a strange match and the scoring could have gone either way". I assume this is after someone started shouting in their earpieces that they should not point out the obvious fact that the sport they are paid to cover is corrupt.