Manny Reyes is B.S. and Over hyped

Sorry for a UG spinoff... but it had to be done.

That is all.

The only truth he ever said, is that the "game" changes when punches are introduced, other than that...!!! he is a moron, trolling, loser !!!

Are we even sure that this is the REAL Manny Reyes?

His posts here have been quite over the top that it's hard to believe that a real person would talk like that?

Not sure, just asking?

very true thread, even though the only hype comes from manny himself...


8.2- it needed to be done.

That tool is misquoting Sperry. Sperry never said the guard was bullshit, he was saying that you either have to have the opponent far away on the ground (open guard) or extremely close and clinched up (closed guard). It was keeping the opponent within that middle area that he was calling bullshit.

TTT for helping to promote Manny!

He has taken too many head shots, now he's wearing a helmet because of his safety, special kids need attention too.

9.9 thread title clearly true.

He's so overhyped, you had to make the 100001th thread about him, lol.