Manny Reyes Jr.

Wouldn't it be kind of funny to just agree with the guy?

"Yeah, Manny...right! You're the best!"

Nothing but empty words. They mean nothing. The troll wins when you argue with him. Think about it...the troll wins when you get upset and argue.

The worst punishment is silence, but this kid is obnoxious enough to be side-show entertaining. He's a very superficial troll, however. Anyone notice that he, himself, stated he doesn't read our posts? That means he logs on, checks the hits and responses, posts his mind-numbing mantra and leaves. Why bother responding then with anything but, "yeah,'re right. You're the best, Manny." Empty statements rewarded with empty flattery. He's not a serious person. Why give him serious responses?

He has...he's gotten in my mind! He's all I can think about...

He's #1

Good question, Da Swede. Think I'll go there right now...

lol @ sound clip

lol @ making money off of Manny hatred!

Love this country...

I just love that interview.

The interview reveals Manny Reyes Jr. for what he is - a true champion and a monster of a man...

I do not think too many really want that t-shirt, i do not hate him, I do not even know who he is and I probably never will know who he is. But I do laugh at him, I see him as a clown.

Was this whole thing a get rich fast scam about selling shirts?

"Was this whole thing a get rich fast scam about selling shirts? "

At least that would make sense... As far as "hating him" goes, imagine someone at Venice Beach started screaming at the top of his lungs, ripping his shirt off and insulting everyone within hearing distance. Would I hate him? No...I'd witness the spectacle for a moment, eyes and jaw opening progressively wider with disbelief... and I'd move on.

It takes a village to raise a village idiot.



I just keep coming back to this thread to listen to the interview.

So he is selling the shirts himself, hi Manny if you read this: You need to not make it so obvious that it is a get rich fast scam, if you had a friend post that he hated you and then he sold the shirts from his webpage, that might have fooled a couple of guys.


"I am the #1 LW in MMA"

Dude, put down the crack pipe, and back away slowly.

"It just Shows how Important I am to all of you........."

You are a joke to us, it is just like watching a fun show on TV.

"It just Shows how Important I am to all of you........"

Unless your name is high up on the which it is not you are not. You have never even beat anyone good.

Now try to find another way to sell t-shirts.

It matter little how you rank yourself.

It matters more how your peers rank you.

It matters most how your fighting ranks you.

You need to work on the two most important ranking systems, Manny. You've got the first base covered.

Manny's Rank:  0

Hey "Tomato Can," you were so terrified when Charles/FFA was going to kick your ass (LOL). That is not the way the best LW in the world should be (LOL).

One question for you, what do you think of your radio interview? Funniest thing I have ever heard!!

you are not important to me but mma is important to me..and i don't like when idiots like you give it a bad name...

Manny is like bad advertisements. If you ignore, they will disappear...