Manny vs. Matt Wiman

Surprised people are making threads about Noah vs. Marlon (since they both suck) on the finale but no one brought up this gem of a fight in Matt vs. Manny.

Probably the most evenly-matched fight on paper we've seen put together this season. I really want Wiman to win, but if I had to bet I'd pick Manny. What does everyone else think?

I'd give it too Wiman. Thats probably because I have seen more of him.

i have only seen manny fight noah.
&& it wasn't much as far as displaying his skills- just his ability && heart to dominate in the cage.
which is something wiman CAN do, as well.
&& i have seen alot more of wiman's skill ala spencer fischer, etc.

so, wiman.
+ i want him to win, anyway.

manny is game...and so is winman, going to be a great fight.

Im going for wiman all the way... but for some reason i dont think he is going to win

i wouldnt be shock if manny beat wiman then joe then made it into finals...

Definitely the best and most even fight this season. I going with Wiman but I am not convinced

One question, why all the love for Manny? I agree he's one of the better fighters, but can he really be considered better than Joe, Diaz, Wiman, Miller and Maynard? I've never seen him fight outside of TUF, so what am I missing?

i dont think there is much love for manny is just there is a huge rumor around about him and can't really say much more. i hope im wrong about the rumor though.

Rumor? I just think he looks really hungry, don't love him though, and I wouldn't pick him to win the contract. i do think he is better than Maynard though, BJ and dana were wrong about not putting manny in top 4.

Rumor? Can you give a hint?

I have to go with Wiman.This is going to be a great fight though.

if manny beats wiman then the rumor is prolly true. Hope that doesnt give away too much and i get banned.

"Hope that doesnt give away too much"

Yes, it did. Please, do not do this again. I'd like to watch the show without some show-offs telling me the results whether I want to know them or not.

I like Manny in a mild upset.

I agree, I don't want to find out who wins. When you mentioned a rumor, I didn't think that it may have something to do with who actually wins on the show, I was thinking you meant something about his past or his credentials. Nevermind my request for any more information, I can wait until Thursday. I'm excited to see it, maybe he'll surprise me. Right now, I think Wimon wins in a good fight.

yea, i hate these rumors and spoilers. I've never checked them out, or even know how accurate they are. But it still boggles my mind that anyone would leak out info like that and possibly get a fighter in trouble for violating his contract. So yea, hope what you said about Manny isn't a spoiler, just a rumor that soem idiot made up.

Sorry guys, I told u guys u wouldnt want to know. Listen to me next time!

"Probably the most evenly-matched fight on paper we've seen put together this season" I think this will be the most one sided fight of the tourney. I see no scenerio that Manny can win outside of a lucky first punch. Way too small and way too weak compared to Wiman. Wiman will destroy him.

I'm pulling for Wiman.