Manny will never.....

Fight another decent mma fighter, especially not in the UFC or Pride. He'll continue to fight his personal tomato cans and talking on the internet trying to get a pay day. No one cares tho, he's been exposed and I don't think any amount of attention will get him another paycheck for getting beat down in 30 seconds. I would love to see Bang take his face off, it'd look like Ludwig vs Smith without the guts Smith showed. It's obvious he's trying to position himself for a fight in one of the big organizations but it'll never happen, he just doesn't have any skills. All the posts in the world won't get you there Manny.

I ask everyone, especially pro fighters and promoters -- Please do not reward Manny's antics and self promotion. Make Manny earn his way, if he can, to the big shows.

I know he's trying to get Bang to fight him in one of the major events. Even though I feel Bang would make quick work of Manny, just like Hermes did, Manny would still get the press and exposure that HE DOESN'T DESERVE.


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Manny Reyes the fool with the paper Jaw that got knocked out by a hammer-fist to the head delivered by Hermes? And didn't he need like oxygen and stayed on the mat for like 10 minutes?

Dude if you got knocked out by a hammer fist delivered from cross-mount, I guarantee you, Duane will send your head into the 3rd row. End of discusion.

My thoughts exactly Nitecrawler. It's not like Hermes is known for his power. BANG would probably kill him, I can't imagine it lasting long enough for him to do real damage since Manny would quit or be KO'd in .5 but it would still be sweet to have more pics to post of Manny lying face up on the mat getting oxygen.

One more for the highlight reel.

that was when he tried out for the public Pride tryouts. I guess he knew the odds of his glass jaw getting shattered would be low since it was a tryout and not a real fight, kiyah!