Manu Ntoh Muay Seminar............

We are planning a seminar with 4 time World Champion Muay Thai Fighter Manu Ntoh. Manu is one of the most accomplished Muay Thai instuctors in the USA and has coached some of Muay Thai's and MMA's best. Any serious competitor in the south east would be crazy to miss this.

The seminar will be held @ Island Boxing in Hilton Head, SC.

Those interested in attending please leave your name and email address below or email me @

We are trying to get the buzz out now and the date will be announced shortly.

Thank you,

Muhsin Corbbrey

Manu Ntoh Muay Thai

You can get more info on Manu at:


Jason Gates

Full Force MMA/Sucuri BJJ of Charleston

Charleston, SC



Manu is da Shiznit. We'll be there!


Alliance S.C.


Specops, I was looking to really improve my standup. I live about 90minutes from Atlanta, I was thinking about getting a bunch of privates from him. How much did they cost? How good where you before/after?

So you went from beginner to surviving with the pros in 6 months? How often did you train with him? How many sessions did you do? Can you describe a training session? Thanks!


Wow 3 to 4 times a week. Do you think once a week, with practice inbetween, would be worth the money? I am already an amatuer fighter, so my cardio is good I just need to good instruction.

Any time with manu is deffinately worth your time. He is by far the one of the most knowledgable instructors in the US. Manu was one of the only non thais to knock out thais with both legs and he is a very successfull pro boxer also. You should definately check him out.




I will definetly be there!

Scottie Newton
Alliance S.C.

The seminar looks awesome. Bring Manu to VA!!!!

ttt for the seminar.

MANU is one of the best........

do you have any fliers you could email and I will take it to my instructor to post up?

email is


p.s. my instructor is Kru Tom Burke


I'l be getting in touch with anyone that leaves there info here.