Many early Chael Sonnen (American Gangster) fights

I didn't upload these but they were put on youtube today. If the original uploader is a UG'er make yourself known!

Check out the development of Chael from the Gangster from Oregon to the American Gangster.

@8:20 of first video (Credeur fight):

"They're moving in the direction of names like Gracie and Don Frye and some of these other gentlemen. It bothers me a little bit. I try not to 'cause I'm hired to do a different thing but it bothers me to hear that these gentlemen are comin' in as though they're gonna supercede me on the card. I'll fight any one of those turkeys and I'll fight them both on the same night - but I'm not gonna take the back seat to anybody and especially not Don Frye or, uh, what's his name, Gracie."

-Chael P. Sonnen

Chael Sonnen vs Tim Credeur

Chael Sonnen vs Jason Lambert

Chael Sonnen vs Jeremy Horn

Chael Sonnen vs Alexey Oleinik

Chael Sonnen vs Amar Suloev

Where's the suburban's gangsta's prangley, forrest, babalu, martin, yamamiya, 2 other horn fights?


Or i think all that above's been summed up alraedy in this:

Not sure Wasa-B... but if you find those videos or any of his other 20 wins go ahead and post them! It's always good to grow historical knowledge of the true middleweight champion!

just a sample of the 'historical knowledge of the true middleweight champion! evident below:

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Wanderlei... is that you?

Chael has dominated every second of every fight I've seen just as he claims. He got caught in a handful of submissions - big deal. He's a true warrior and you Silva fans will be whimpering within the next few months. All of you already are upset enough to troll every Chael thread with the same things repeatedly like true beta-boys.


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Willin -  He got caught in a handful of submissions - big deal.

8 to be exact.