Mapping Training

How does everyone set up their training? I just got back a few months ago. And have been doing gi a few times a week and lifting and I am starting to get tendon problems from so much gripping.

So I am thinking every other week to do no-gi (which I have never really done) training in place of gi. Or maybe doing a week of gi and then doing one gi the next week and the rest no-gi.

How does everyone else mix up their training?

I've always tried to mix my gi, no-gi (although...I don't get too many days of no-gi training as you will see below) and weight training. Here is what my schedule looks like:

7AM Gi Class
Afternoon Weight Training

7AM Gi Class
12PM Open Mat Gi

6AM Yoga

7AM Gi Class
12PM Open Mat Gi

6AM Weight Training
12 Open Mat No Gi



Don't grip so damned hard Phone Post 3.0

Akston - Don't grip so damned hard Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha. Well I try not to...but when Iam rolling with a guy that outweighs me by 90lbs and 20yrs younger then me...I try and slow him down a bit.

Monday night. gi
Wednesday morning boxing, night gi
Thursday morning Wrestling/nogi
Saturday gi . If I don't have to take my son to a wrestling tournament

I'd like to do more but that's all I'm getting right now. Need to add strength and conditioning since I can't get as much mat time in I guess Phone Post 3.0