Maps - Anyone else fascinated?

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Indian Reservations and how they voted

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I was just watching a video about Alexander making efforts to consolidate his conquests on his journey back to Macedonia only to die suddenly on the way.

Are those voting patterns? I’m currently on a small screen. EDIT: Never mind, saw your comment. So they all vote blue? Is this a large population?

Carbon emissions.


Someone needs to whip this out anytime someone bitches about emissions in the US.

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I played the shit out of it when someone posted it here 8 years ago. I understand it’s fairly different now that Google charges for the map access. It was also easier because most countries weren’t street mapped yet, & some of the ones that were had unique camera equipment that made the area easily identifiable. Here’s a relevant post from back then:

I also used to be the norm for maps to be completely “full” until there was a market for knowing what hadn’t been explored.


Another Edward Tufte (the above was too). A master at representing data graphically.

All I know Is that they don’t love you like I love you… maps.

Baseball fandom.


Soviets never conquered Finland, what’s with the red color?

I’ve been reading about the immediately post-Alexandrian world and have gotten interested in the Mauryan Empire. Here’s the world around 300 BC(E):


Mauryan architecture:

Mauryan art:

It’s interesting to see how Robert E. Howard constructed Conan’s fantastic Hyboria based on real world history.


Birds and butterflies most likely.