Marathoner Mother Of 2 Dies Of Blood Clot One Week After Getting Vaccine!

My question is why does a 45yo marathon runner need the vaccine, unless she has an underlying condition?

Sad shit!




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Couldn’t possibly have been from the vaccine!

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A lot of in-shape, active people suddenly dropping dead of blood clots… Look at John Meadows, pulmonary embolism (blood clot). Everyone’s pointing out the steroids… turns out he was recently vaccinated.


I got called a liar for providing an example of my coworker getting a heart attack and dying for two days before coming back. Super healthy 53 year old that eats healthy, doesn’t drink or smoke, goes on 30 mile bike rides twice a week or was, he got covid then the vaccine a few weeks after then got the heart attack the following weekend, it was 3-4 days after the vaccine. I’m not at all trying to tell people to not get vaccinated, not to mask up, not to social distance, do whatever you feel like. Don’t force your bullshit in me.


Work in a very well known vascular area. I have seen a few small isolated things that have made me open my eyes a bit…

Could be something, could be nothing (I think something, but prob around equal risk of covid)- in any case, people should make their choice.

Fwiw, people simply don’t know medicine. They think they do, but they don’t. I work in a lab, do all cardiac. Yes, a 45.yo can die of sudden cardia death if they are in incredible shape. What is a “heart attack”? Vague. Could have electrical issues, or could have a clot… Lots of things it could be, but there is something showing up, isn’t there…

I’d get the vaccine, I did. I just took 2- 81 tabs aspirin before. And alternated Motrin and Tylenol for days. Vaccine sucks, it was tough. I had 3-4 days of symptoms.

I had covid. I’m sure those antibodies, of having covid, protects me far better than any of the vaccines.

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She’d still be alive if she followed the science and skipped the useless shot.


Only 2 shots… she’s just another unvaccinated death.


I’m sorry, anecdotal crap like this proves nothing. I worked with two people that refused to exercise because Jim Fixx died of a heart attack. They were serious that exercise like that was bad for you

people will believe whatever the hell they want to believe and justify doing whatever they do anyway they can.

I absolutely think the vaccine increases the likelihood of blood clots and other things but so far the statistics are inconclusive and incredibly random.


Sales jumped by double digits for Pfizer’s drugs for cancer and rare diseases, as well as its medicines primarily used in hospitals. Sales of Eliquis, for preventing blood clots and strokes, jumped 16% to $1.48 billion,
Lmfao best drug dealers ever


The greatest, they blow Escobar out the water, real gangsters do it legally lol.


Lol he died at what 44. These pharma drug dealers live the high life with no one hunting them down.

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I can say, as one of the most skeptical motherfuckers ever…

I was surprised by the patient I had one day. Her situation was very post vaccination, very atypical, and very strange. AND- wouldn’t you know, resolved on its own.

I think we are giving little stress tests to everyone we vaccinate. It’s not clean, some people are getting effected. It’s mostly good, but some are getting hurt. More than covid, less than covid? I dunno. Medical people (I’m nurse), would you pop a few aspirin, benadryl and Motrin/Tylenol pre injection? I still think vaccine good. I’d get it again. I think the vaccine is here for life.

I don’t understand shaming those without vac. Who gives a fuck. Do you.


I’m not yet vaccinated but if I decide (or am coerced) to do so, I’m debating taking some aspirin pre and post vaccine, super hydrating, etc. to try and lessen the side effects. If it reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine, I really don’t care since I don’t want the fucking thing in the first place and would just be taking it to check off a box for employment purposes.


Seriously. How many millions upon millions of vaccines have been administered compared to the number of people having lethal complications from it? Just fear mongering for the sake of fear mongering.

she didnt. but the propaganda was too much.

Yet the media has no problem parading the death of a single unvaccinated person across their headlines and the resident shit human being leftists clamour over themselves to revel in these anecdotal tales.


It’s a very serious issue being ignored by the MSM and buried by our health officials in order to vaccinate everyone, including people who don’t need to be vaccinated.

Then of course many people are unfortunately not bright enough to understand that things can be nuanced and are not black and white.

628K deaths from covid as of today.

Must have been covid that got her.

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Lol with covid