Marc Laimon and the Gracie Family

What's up with Marc Laimon and the Gracie Family? Check out the interview on this site:

I have also heard him say concerning Royce: "Oh my god, horrible Jiu-Jitsu"

And concerning a hypothetical match against Rickson "I don't think he'd take the match"

Has there been "issues" in the past between the Gracies? (outside of that match against Ryron)

Check out Chris Brennan on the subject of why he left:

Marc left at the same time so i assume that many of the reasons are similar.

He's right tho, Royce is in a kind of BJJ no man's land, his sports BJJ is nowhere near as good as other members of his family and his mma BJJ has been somewhat tarnished by his schooling by Hughes.

Wow! I read the link and that is f@#$ if true

Alright, from what I heard . . . and this is third hand so take it for what its worth, Marc left Rorion and the Gracie school in Torrance at about the same time (within a couple of days) that Chris Brennan left. Marc and Chris were roommates and they both were teaching at the school at that time.

Marc, supposedly, left because he wanted to enter tournaments and was told that he couldn't.

Now, I can understand leaving an instructor who won't allow you to compete but that still doesn't explain the animosity.

Any idea why their relationship turned ugly?

Marc Laimon has a new remix DVD out from OTM.

he sure cuts them down alot

LOL. That's Marc alright. Good interview.