MARC LAIMON is annoying

granted, i know laimon is a great instructor, and has serious sub grappling skills.. but i dont think theres anyone more annoying to have at a grappling match than him.

the guy is constantly barking out orders and instructions.. at a volume level that makes it difficult for spectators to focus on the match. is it because he wants the spotlight on himself? or can his students not hear him well even though he is right next to them?

personally, i find some healthy coaching has a positive effect on my performance, but nonstop blatantly loud instruction can be distracting and counter-productive. does he really always feel that he not only sees something his student does not? and doesnt he realize that when he shouts out an order, his student's opponent hears it too?

Ill tell you what. As "annoying" as Marc may seem, the guy is very smart. He knows how to play competitors, judges, and referees. He is a guy who I would like to have in my corner if Im out on the mat. Ive seen him yell out many things, and have competitors, react directly to his insults. lol.

did you see the tanner/gholar fight? lol

Baroni didn't listen to him.

I think Marc just gets overly excited. He gets really involved and just gets into it thats all.

I have been on the other end of the spectrum. I trained at a academy for 8 months and the instructor never learned my name. Was he yelling for me on the sidelines? NOPE. The only time he yelled is when he saw I won the gold. Still didn't learrn my name.

I would mutch rather have Marc in my corner then my old instructor.


i think judges should have him settle down a bit, otherwise it becomes a shouting match between coaches.

marc is the man!

Marc is the man!



12 OUT OF 14 COBRA KAI GUYS TOOK 1ST OR 2ND...i guess id b annoied too if i was on the losing side of that equation

in complete agreeance with Usless and Kashk

"did you see the tanner/gholar fight? lol"

lol!! You beat me to it.

I was very impressed with the level of skill I saw in his students just working out a couple times there.

I wouldn't mind him yelling out instructions at me.

12 out of cobra kai guys won what? i guarantee you they didnt win because marc was screaming nonstop. i have never lost to a cobra kai "fighter".

Cobra Kai is an awesome team.. man he is a GREAT coach! that being said his yelling can be annoying ;)

Laimon is the man

so you cobra kai guys find that the incessant nonstop yelling of instructions that your opponent can hear, definitely helps you, huh? that is interesting.

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