Marc Silvestri to draw Batman for DC



Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Marc Silvestri was coming to DC Comics to work on a Batman book to follow the upcoming Convergence event….

He’s not going to be alone. Expect upheavals for a number of books with a mixture of star names, Hollywood names, familiar names and web comic creators being given the chance to mix it up on a number of DC properties, in the manner of Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Gotham Academy, and Gotham By Midnight. . With new books and relaunches aplenty.

But Marc Silvestri’s Batman book, I am told, is going to be a new series. And as for those doubting how long he’ll stay on the book, given his performance on Incredible Hulk a few years ago, I understand that Silvestri has been working on this comic book for quite some time. Indeed one source was surprised I’d only just heard about the project, as it was being talked about in San Diego.

Though this isn’t the only big name Batman comic in the works. More as we have it…

If he pussies out of doing a Batman book then he deserves a slap. Thats a once in a life time gig, you dont treat it like a side project (looks at Jim Lee).

Jim Lee got paid at least 1 million to do 12 issues n'est pas? that was the contract, right? he did just that.

so looking forward to Marc Silvestri's Batman!

All Star Batman and Robin dude

RedDragonUK - All Star Batman and Robin dude

oh doh! how soon i forget

Kneeblock - Silvestri is one of my favorite artists from his run on Uncanny XMen but I think he's one of the artists whose style suffered with the transition over to modern coloring. The flatter hues, the brightness; all of it stifles Silvestri's subtle line work. Whilce Portacio was a similar case. Phone Post 3.0

I wouldnt say he was subtle I'd say a crosshatching factory blew up on his page but I agree about modern colourists who dont know how to colour him.

There are ways of doing it justice so the colour doesnt fight the lines.

Richard Isanove for instance could do it like he coloured Kubert's work in Origin


Cross hatching doesnt tend to lend itself to digital colouring unless the guy knows what they are doing so I dont feel hes done it for those reasons, it just seems to be the direction his works gone in. It can still work as I said previously but the colourist has to be in harmony with the lines and work with them rather than doing their usual style, its trickier.

I mean the colourist knowing what they are doing but yeah his influences have definitely changed and not for the better. I loved his latest x MEN stuff but for the same reason Stick loves Liefeld.