Marcello Garcia vs Chris Brennan

Brennan always talks about how great a grappler he is.I think a no gi superfight between him and Garcia would tell us how good a grappler he is. i think they are around the same size. prediction garcia by rnc at :45 seconds.

you must not like brennan

I dont have anything him. he just claims how great he is. This would show how good he is

Where has Chris made these claims?

great thread, genius.

yes, everyone should compete against the absolute best in the world, just to prove if they are 'good' or not.

you're a fag knockuout. he never claimed he was great. How about you vs. him? That would show your level KKM.

Garcia will kill him.

Bounce your a cocksucking fag.Get off brennans nuts oh ur a fag so u wont. i was not being disrespectful towards chris. in some of his fights he looked good on the ground ex bushido 1 and the other one i saw he didnt. i actually respect him and i was curious about how he would do the best in the world.

By the way i know he would kill me but i dont train that much so what would him beating me prove. thats like saying kobe bryant would beat me in basketball lol. in order to be the best u have to beat the best

I used to babysit a little kid who didn't like being told what to do. After he saw Jurassic Park, every time I told him to go to bed, he would say something about how a velociraptor could kill me.

After he started 3rd grade, he realized the absurdity of these endless conjectures about his velociraptor role model, especially when he found out that velociraptors can't do homework.

I hope that this anecdote is in some way enlightening. In conclusion, read some books, because in a few years from now when you are writing a book report on The Indian in the cupboard, Marcelo Garcia isn't going to be there to save you from the perils of functional illiteracy.

"Brennan always talks about how great a grappler he is."

Your opening sentence wasn't disrespectful? You're basically saying that he's full of himself and bragging. That you obviously think differently. Maybe you should reread your fuckin' post. Also, rear naked choke in 45 seconds, that shows what little respect you have for his skills. Only one person (Shaolin) got subbed in under a minute by Marcello. Alot of people, not as good as Shaolin, lasted A LOT longer with him. (If you watch that match, its obvious that Shaolin didn't know about Marcello's arm drag, as he just let Marcello maintain wrist control in the tie up) Two of Marcello's recent matches went to the final minute.

Second of all. I'm not on Chris Brennan's nuts. I don't know him and could care shit about him. And if you knew me, you'll know that I'm not on ANYBODY's nuts (i'm just insensitive like that). I do, however, respect people's skills and abilities. As great as Marcello is, I'm not on his nuts either (unlike 99% of these forums who think he's an alien or not human).

So rather than exchange little insults with you, someone who doesn't train often, I'll leave your thread.

lol @ Andrew!

In SW, Garcia would win, in MMA, Brennan would win.

of course you will

lol, i know you're not kidding.