Marcelo Garcia laying down an ass whoopin!

He has a couple on defenses to the de la riva, berimbolo and spiral guard, gi and no gi

Just remember, do the first move and the last move, we always do one more move ...

that reminds me of when I rolled with him,,except the guy at around 8 min mark who actually came sort of close to catching him...that never happened for me.

Dude is just amazing good.

Nice session. I don't know how he got out of that guillotine. Phone Post

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I'm amazed everytime I see him sweep someone... Such ease Phone Post

One of the last guys with the Koral rashguard looked pretty slick. Had some nice guillotine set ups.

he likes to try new things these days - so he can understand the moves and so his students benefit. but as others have alluded to, I'd be surprised if we saw him clamp down on an head and arm choke variant on a strong opponent in competition. Phone Post