Marcelo Garcia leaving NYC

It looks more like he’s saying HI is a step up… It’s not like he’s coming back.

Just curious. Where is the source of these news? Did he say why he’s leaving? I thought that his school was successful.

He left living in Hawaii permanently. His school is/ was super successful and I imagine he kept it and has others running it.
NYC is a shithole of epic proportions and it’s no place to raise a family. He made the right move.

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Sure thing man, cause that last holding call on the Bengals defense to give the Rams 4 more chances was totally legit.

Even the guys in the broadcast booth were dumbfounded.

But you keep pretending your team won legit, but that’s all you’re doin and you know it.

Same with the Bucs fans in 2021. The NFL is a joke now.