Marcelo Garcia Private lessons

Private lessons are 45m
1 person - US$ 300,00
Alliance/ MG members -US$ 250,00
They need to be scheduled in advance

Who has had 1?

No 1

He is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not me! Hope that helps. It'll narrow down the list a little. You're welcome. Happy Holidays!

I expected more for some reason

Leo Kirby's had a bunch...I think Andre and Bolo have taken some as well.

I would cough that cash up, no problem, worth their weight in gold.

I have had three in the last year. It has gone up on his price though. When I took the private lessons they were $150 for 45 minutes. It was a great learining experience and he is very thorough. We rolled afterwards and I probably learned more from that than I did from the technique portion. Rolling with him brought up many questions. Hope that helps

Rolling with him was the most humbling experience of my life. His private was $150 when i took it also.

hell yeah!

I tapped him

wow, that a lot of money

He's OK I guess.

Mike C keeps it real.

Ive had a couple, but they were a couple of years ago and were much, much cheaper. Believe it or not, the information and attention you get from him is easily worth the prices listed above.

300,000 for a private wow.... does he give a black belt in one private

Haha cool thread. Phone Post 3.0