Marcelo Garcia Seminar Notes

Marcelo has some variations of his seminar, in places that he goes for the
first time, it's usually the same positions, since those are the ones people
want to learn, so it wouldn't be fair to not teach them, but if it's the
second, third time he gives the seminar in the same place ( like NY,
Canada, syracuse, Miami...) It's always different positions. You can ask
for those who actually attended different seminars in the same academy.
He has enough positions to show...but usually it's requested by the
seminar organizer that he shows arm drags, xguard submissions, things
that MArcelo actually does in competition..he really shares his knoledge,
not a lot of people do that... Just to share this info, I have been to plenty
of Marcelo's seminars to be able to tell that.


I wasn't putting marcelo down at all, I can honestly say the best privates I have ever had came from training with marcelo. He was super cool and didn't hide anything if I had a question he was there to answer it.

I also know that marcelo doesn't control what is shown to a certain degree at the seminars. Who ever is hosting the seminar gets to choose and it just sounded like everyone kind of asks for the same thing so his seminars sounded the same from a few different places.

I'm going to get down to NYC hopefully before christmas to do some training with Marcelo again. Like I said before the best teaching I ever got one on one was from marcelo and If I came off as putting him down it wasn't putting him down but rather disappointment in the fact that the demand for him is always in the same things.

One of my friends who attended this seminar had been to two others Marcelo as well. He said that at one of them he taught almost nothing but omoplatas from the top (mount, side control, reverse knee-on-belly).

But omoplata aren't what he's known for so no one really requests it, but watching him roll, his omoplata game was incredible. I think he has a lot more to offer than most people realize, having only seen his A game in competition and what's sold on his DVDs.

"aving only seen his A game in competition and what's sold on his DVDs."

I think thats why its so useful to just see the top guys rolling on DVDs. You get to see more of their game. Marcelo did some awesome omoplatas in his art sauve section, i love that bit!

I remember talking to Marcelo and he had mentioned that he had a whole game around the oma plata attack, well not a whole game but a whole bunch great set ups that he was going to be adding in to his game a while ago. So, if he did a whole seminar of them I wouldn't be surprised he whipped out some of the set ups while I rolled with him and they were kind of sick!

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I used this position from the seminar several times tonight:

I didn't use the setup from the seminar though. I had normal x-guard and grabbed their sleeve. I was unable to pass their leg over my body, so I did the opposite and ducked my head to the other side of their leg. Then I swept by grabbing their belt and pulling back as I lifted my hooks, making them fall backwards. They can't pull guard due to the grip I have on their arm and how it's trapping their leg, so I go straight to side control.

I have been fortunate enough to attend 3 seminars with Marcelo and do 3 privates and I will be at his Miami seminar again this weekend (and do another private

I just want to confirm what Tatiana is saying. One of the seminars was a week long class. He taught many different positions and in my opinion has a unique perspective on just about everything he does from escapes to attacks to sweeps.

I think his omaplata game is the most incredible part of his whole game. He gets them from cross body, from mount, from butterfly. He sets up omaplatas with sweeps when they post to defend, from cross body when they underhook to escape, and from his back when someone is passing guard.

The first time I rolled with him I felt like everytime I attacked I was either getting tapped or working to escape a sub. Then he showed me a simple thing he was doing: If I put a hand above his arm on his shoulder he got space and attempted an inverted arm bar. If I put a hand under his shoulder (side, ribs, working for an underhook, etc.) he got space, pinned the arm to his side and threw the leg over for an omaplata.

And in the seminars I have attended where we did cover the same things (Tatinia is again correct in that everyone wants the arm drag, x guard, rear naked choke) I have picked up details that I had missed the first time.

I will train with him everytime I get the chance.

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Marcelo's Miami seminar ended a few hours ago.

The second day we did things that I have not seen Marcelo teach in any of the previous seminars I have attended of his.

We worked a sweep from butterfly when they pull a hand out and post it to keep from getting swept. Hard to explain the details but he turns it into what I call his one legged X guard.

We then worked that sweep. He gets it in many of his matches. It looks like he is attempting an ankle lock but he is setting up a sweep. I asked him why he uses it so much and he said that once people started defending the X guard by not letting him get an underhook on the leg he starting using this sweep a lot because he doesn't need the underhook.

He also taught how to go from that one leg control back to the X guard.

He then taught how to take the back when they attempt a single leg. He steps over their head and when he gets the back he has one hook in and already has an arm pinned with the leg so he has a two on one to hand fight with.

I thought I would mention a few of the different things that he taught to let everyone know that his seminars are not all the same.

By the way, Mike Cardosa did a great job hosting the seminar and I think everyone appreciated the hospitality from him and his gym.

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thanks, great notes

Now THAT'S note taking!

It's just what I do. Eddie Bravo and Pe de Pano got the same treatment. You should see my notes from a normal class.

Go to
Marcelo show us the same techniques during his seminar in France.
You can see some pics in our website.
And also me and my teacher showing some of the techniques in video.