Marcelo Garcia vs. Wagney Fabiano?

This is from one of Wagnney's students. Can only shed some light on this or give there opinion. Was it a FAKE fight?

rock_o you are missing the facts. Garcia, was easily the most dominant guy in the division did not fight Wagnney. Wagnney was injured after dominating Daniel Moraes, the last guy to beat Garcia ( 2003ADCC Brasil qualifier), and so to have a final they agreed on a fake fight. As for the size difference Wagnney is probably giving away 10-15 pounds, but Garcia's game is so awesome that weight may have very little to do with how well Garcia would do. Congrats Marcello!! Although I am pretty sure he won't see this, and if he does,I am sure that since I shook his hand like 5 times he's tired of me now (not that anyone on this forum would know the feeling).


Dying to hear this as well!

Marcello pull guard and had a few near sweeps, when Wagney ask for the match to be stopped due to an injury to his neck during the Morais match.