Marcelo Guidici update

Marcelo is 40 years old and has a couple of fights on the schedule for 2009. He would like to fight in the states at 155 against anyone at that weight class. Please post some of his fights on this thread and lets see if we can get a major MMA promotion to take notice.

Thanks Doug

Yeah Marcelo Giudici is a beast!! He was/is one of my favorite vale tudo/NHB fighters. I really hope he does get a fight in a major promotion in the states(UFC,Strikeforce), Europe(Cage Warriors,M-1) or Asia(WVR,SpiritMC).

Im gonna TTT an old thread about him.

40 years old!??? He's probably way past his prime.

one of my favorite fighters ever, i got rid of all my old videos a long time ago but still have the ones with him fighting