Marcelo, Hendo, Soukoudjou!

Check out the new training pics at:

I wonder if Gabe could beat Marcelo in a grappling match.

Even his chest hairs look tough......

For shame, no Vinicius in the thread title

Looks like Dancing with the Team Quest stars

Gabe being in that pic is a travesty

How the hell is he a part of TQ Temecula I will never understand

Marcello has MMA gloves on! Now we are fucking talking. I can't wait to that kid in MMA. He will dominate. He has it all, speed, strength, flexibility and incredible technique.

All I gotta say is that Sokoudjou is really really good.

I'm now convinced that his two huge wins were not flukes at all.

don't think that gabe could beat marcelo in a pure grappling match...

but hey... maybe Cake can do it!!!

Cake via Sugar Choke!!!

Marcelo is fighting MMA in September. TQ Temecula is stacked - Judo Terry, Marcelo, Hendo, Cake...

Download TRAINING (800Wx634H)

Description: Dan Henderson / Thierry Sokoudjou

Download TRAINING (800Wx467H)

Description: Fighters from Canada & Team Quest

Download TRAINING (800Wx746H)

Description: Thierry / Soszynski

Download DAN VS. WANDERLEI (1024Wx809H)

Description: DAN VS. WANDERLEI

man, i would kill to be a part of that team.

Marcelo is a walking staph infection... did you see that nasty foot?!


cool pics

great team sheez