Marcelo's Game

We spent a little time breaking down Marcelo's game. It was only a 10 match sample, but we used some of the same approaches that we used for our Worlds study.

What do you guys think? Do you like these types of breakdowns??? 

I like the idea a lot, keep up the good work. I think for a truly detailed career study one probably has to go much deeper than 10 matches for a prolific competitor like MG, but the concept is great. Phone Post


Enjoy it but would be great to add more matches to get a bigger scale. I know that's saying a lot. I'm not being critical Phone Post

great concept.

Could you do more analysis, say splitting his wins analysis from his loss analysis? And matches in absolute versus his weight class?

It would also be interesting to get some qualitative analysis on the numbers - why things work and dont work in different situation.

This kind of looks like detailed baseball stats? You could almost have a 'scouting report' for fighters. Should be very interesting. Discuss their core moves, strengths, weaknesses, strategies....

We are going to continue to do these, and just like our first Pan study in comparison to our Worlds study we will increase the stats that we measure along with the sample size.

We wanted to gauge the interest and reception to this kind of thing, which has been phenomenal. Our goal will be to have a new one out each week.

Who should we feature next???

Galvao would be fun.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Phone Post

Atos in general Phone Post

Galvao would be really cool, because there is a lot of tape on him, and a long competition history.

We will do Galvao next, thanks for the recommendation.

Great stuff.

Awesome. Thanks man

I think it would be great to see a breakdown of a guy with a simple game...maybe Kron or Roger.