Marcelo's Guillotine DVD

While there is only 11 techniques on the dvd the material is very solid.

This video pretty much displays everything you will learn on the dvd

Very good dvd, and shows how he does his unique way of guillotine.

my guillotine finnish percentage has gone up to be my best submission

used to be my triangle


The guillotine is my favorite move now...thanks to Saulo Ribeiro's set. It used to be the trianlge like Malachy.

I have MG 4 with the guillotine dvd on it. Good stuff. Really changed how I do the move and I've gotten much better at it.

Is this a new video, or is it from his 4th dvd series (new game jj)?


Its one of the DVD's from his fourth series, the New Game JJ.

4 later

I got the 4th set as a gift. 'Twas of no use to me, so I threw it in the trash where it belonged.


I was a brabo freak but this marcelo choke is just so much faster to apply

Here is a video of a halfguard top version at about 4:45 in

Here it is again in MMA but this is nasty maybe a blue name will post the 3 videos.