Marcelo's Hawaii Seminar

I just dropped Marcelo off at the airport. What can I
say? It was a great week of training and enjoying
Hawaii with an incredible person. Marcelo's seminar
was truly outstanding, both in content, organization,
pacing, and, of course, his incredible skill level. I
am very happy to say that the top active
fighters/coaches on Oahu came for the training. Baret
Yoshida, Ronald Jhun, Niko Vitale, Anthony Torres, and
Mike Onzuka all enjoyed and benefitted from the
seminar. Thanks for the support everyone, with special
thanks to Baret for letting us use his mats, Nolan
Hong of Fighter's Corner MMA shop for his support, and
Dave Giomi for his support. A huge thanks to Marcelo
for being a role model for everyone in the fighting
arts. Humble, funny, nice, and a monster on the mat.