Marchment gets no suspension

This is unbelievable..Way to go Campbell, way to send a message there Soupy....Marchment hits Ritchie from behind headfirst into the boards and breaks his freakin collarbone, and gets nothing.

lol@Hordichuk's comments though.



Even though there will be no league discipline against the Leafs' Bryan Marchment for his hit on Florida's Byron Ritchie Tuesday, the Panthers say the matter is not over.

With three minutes left in a 5-0 game, Marchment rammed Ritchie from behind into the boards. Ritchie suffered a broken collarbone and is done for the season.

"I wish Darcy (Hordichuk) was on the ice," the Panthers' Olli Jokinen said. "You want to see Marchment get his ass kicked. He could have killed Ritchie. He could have paralyzed him. He was very lucky."

Hordichuk said the next time the Panthers face the Leafs, he'll challenge Marchment.

"I'll just talk to Marchment and say, 'You can't do that,' " he said. "You know what we'd probably do? We'd back up, take our lids off and square off and fight. And next time he won't do that again in his career. Why? Because he knows anytime he touches some of our guys, it will happen."

Ritchie probably will undergo surgery this week.

He said that Marchment has "a history of injuring people. I don't think it's really necessary to hit somebody from behind when you're that close to the boards. It's pretty dangerous."

I have no comment really on the hit or no suspension.. but I will lol @ a fight stopping Marchment from ever hitting one of their guys again.

Definently should have got a game or two

Hordichuk will kill marchment if they go at it

Its funny where was the media all over this?? i guess becuase it wasn't a punch no one cares.... mean while hitting from behind is one the worst things you can do in hockey and its one of the worst problems in minor hockey... but no one gave a shit about that hit it put him out for the season just like moore is... and it probably could have killed him a lot easier then the sucker punch could

Anyone see what Belak did the other night against pittsburgh? he ran buchberger from the side/back right into the boards..... buchberger didn't even have the puck ... if that isn't attempt to injury then i don't know what is

If the NHL is going to give out suspenions like they did to Bertuzzi then they have to dish it out to the other shit that goes on in the league... not hand something down only when the media gets ahold of it

"Hordichuk will kill marchment if they go at it"

I serously doubt it. Marchment whooped up on Godard earlier this year who is just as tough and much bigger than Hordichuk.

Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous given Marchment's reputation. Is there a dirtier player in the league right now?

Yes, his name is Darius Kasparaitis, closely follwed by rulsan salei, pussy forsberg, chrissy pronger, and bobby holik

Marchment was game against Goddard, but lost that fight easily. Hordy will take Marchment as well, but it will not deter his game. Holik plays over the line, but rarely does anything dangerous, he'll run you over, give you the elbow ect. Kaspar will take your knees though.

"Marchment was game against Goddard, but lost that fight easily"

Dude, what fight were you watching? It was Marchment all the way. I could see an Isles fan argue for a draw but even that would be a stretch.

I'm a Ranger fan, so I was actually rooting for Marchment! Marchment threw some quick early, but mostly came up short if I remember correctly. Goddard took over and marchment basicly hung on toward the end. I thought Goddard landed the only meaningful blows. I may have it on tape Maybe I'll look this weekend. I see most of the NYR, NYI and NJD games, and I only remember ONE between Goddard and Marchment. I guess I could be wrong, but I tend to remember these things.

BTW when is the next FLA TOR game?

Next FLA TOR game is next season.

I think you are remembering of a different fight. Marchment was throwing (and landing) throughout the fight right up until the very end.

They have already fought before actually: