Marcio Corleta´s letter...

At the friends of Jiu-Jitsu,

We arrive at the end of one year with much satisfaction! As much for the actions developed in favor of the BJJ in our State, as well as in the accomplishment of the I State Circuit, organized for the Federation of Jiu-Jitsu of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul (FJJRS). Events that had congregated 5 a thousand people more than and had brought results in the number of conquests of the Team Winner Behring, that won the three stages of the Circuit. Besides bringing of Rio De Janeiro (Pantry of World-wide World and 2003), 15 gold medals, being three!

Also we are proud with the performance of our athlete Werdum, that it raises the image of the sport in world-wide level e, particularly, I am grateful for continuing transmitting the philosophy and technique of the Jiu-Jitsu and conquering representative headings for the team.

This is the result of almost ten years of work, founded in much determination, perseverance, concentration, disciplines, friendship and respect... values constantly strengthened in our Dojo! Teachings acquired in the conviviality with the Behring family, mainly through professors Maurício and Sylvio Behring, idealizer of the Progressive Jiu-Jitsu, methodology applied in our tatames.

The physical potential of our athletes is unquestionable, as well as the claw to go up in the podium! The history of the soft-art, however, sample that the virtues of a true champion do not restrict corporal and mental ace capcitys... before more nothing, the interior search!

With base in this philosophy, our effort inhabits, in forming individuals of character, conscientious of its responsibilities as diffusing of the millenarian art and partners of training and challenges!

In virtue of some divergences, we use to advantage to communicate that the athlete and Professor Mario Reis, whom innumerable times the Team Winner Behring in competitions represented (winning several times and culminating with the conquests in the World Cup and World Championships 2003), today follow its proper trajectory as athlete of the Behring Team, disentailed of the Winner Behring.

We firm our commitment as school, giving continuity to the work that we develop so far, guided for the spirit of family and loyalty that always was characteristic of the Winner Behring.

I thank all that in had sanctioned them with its partnership, incentive and cooperation, desiring success in 2004.

Marcio Corleta

Winner Behring


Sorry, 15 medals, but just three gold!!!


Is Mario Reis still with Winner Behring?

Mario Reis is with Sylvio Behring Association, but his Team is Team Mario Reis / Behring.

He will compete and train with Winner Behring in Porto Alegre, but he did want to have his own Dojo he´s with Mathias Ribeiro and 50 students... doing very well for just one month!!!

Sylvio Behring