marcio feitosa seminars!!!!


i'm happy to announced that marcio feitosa is going to be back in the united states again for a series of seminars, and i hope to see you there!!!!

January 17, 2004
Ground Control Academy -- Sean Alvarez
White Plains, NY

January 18, 2004
Ricardo Almeida Academy
Willingboro, NJ

January 24, 2004
Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy
Watertown, MA

More dates to come!!!!

I think Feitosa is great but, could you guys possibly find some more out of the way places for the seminar?

Seward, Alaska

Crawford, Texas

Lake Winnepasake, New Hampshire

Carson City, Nevada?

lol vito!!!

but, all of those places are pretty close to major cities

white plains -- 30 min. from manhattan

willingboro -- 15 minutes from philadelphia

watertown -- 15 minutes from boston

however, marcio has done seminars in nova scotia, vermont, and austrailia...!

Man if he holds a NH. one I am there!