marcio feitosa videos?

Seen an ad In an old grappling magazine looks like there were about 6 or 7 diffrent ones has anyone seen them or know if there worth time and money

6 videotape set, half gi and half no gi - I'm not sure how it would be set up on DVD, maybe just two total. The gi ones were on passing, sweeps, and side control attacks, and were about 20 minutes each. The no-gi were passing, guard attacks, and counters, about 25 minutes each. Obviously, fairly short overall.

Pretty average set - nothing mind-blowingly awesome or unique, and nothing overly bad, just your typical collection of unrelated moves. That might have been good 10-12 years ago, but now with people setting up entire games, or showing very fine details, or presenting moves in sequential fashion, it's a bit dated.

On further reflection, that comes across a bit harsh-seeming. If you can snag them for cheap, there are definitely some things on there that are worth learning if you don't know them already.

If you're desperately curious, I can drag them out when I get home later today to refresh my memory.

thanks NSB

I remember seeing that a while back and it had a pretty cool documentary about mundials and gracie barra.

It is a good representation of the Gracie Barra game.

And it is Feitosa's go-to game, for what that's worth.

awesome basic pass game

i look at it every other month

cool thanks guys i prob check em out