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Laimon is the man. His match with Dean Lister at the North American Trials last year was amazing. Watching him compete is 'sick'...he's amazing.

SDJ you might be able to help me with this. A tournament about 2 years ago there was a super fight it was a Brown belt (I believe under Renzo) VS I believe Marc. The tournament took place in Oakville at a high school. I believe it was one of the first times NAGA was helping at a tournament. Or one of the organizers was helping out promoting there event.

My question is do you know which tournament l am speaking about and if so was it marc in the superfight?

I believe it was a month or so before your guys showdown event.

The reason l think you would know is because you guys had a booth at the event.

Hey Computer Warrior,

If I'm not mistaken, there was a superfight at the GTA event between Ken Kronenberg and Marc Laimon. It's not Oakville, but Mississauga.

Hope this helps.

It was a couple of years back. Thanks for your help l have been talking to a few people and no one knew.

Thanks Joe

Cobra Kai!!