Marco Ruas: 'I Am Not Retired Yet'

"Marco Ruas: 'I Am Not Retired Yet'
Submitted by: Team TATAME
Posted On 07/21/2004

By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAME

Ruas analyses Kazayuki Fujita's strategies and warns he'll be back in 2005!

Marco Ruas had been in Brazil on vacation, where he has been for 3 weeks to see his family, friends and to check out how the Ruas Vale Tudo team is doing.

Upon catching up with Ruas, one of the subjects on his mind was the recent victory Kazuyuki Fujita scored over Bob Sapp on the K-1 Romanex event. Ruas spoke of the Japanese fighter's strategy during the match:

'I prepared his strategy for the fight against Bob Sapp. Fujita trained with me for 2 weeks, and after that, I spent a week with him in Japan. Since Bob Sapp had accepted the rule that allows kicking on the ground, I told Fujita 'look, I don´t want you to get double leg, hit just a single, because with a double leg, he could sprawl and fall down on top of you, and he is a heavy guy! Let´s attack him with single legs, and when you get him to the ground, do not hold him. When he pushes you, you get up and kick him'. He did it all. Fujita has many qualities, he listens, he withstands a lot of punishment, he has a good chin and has lots of willpower. He did good and I think he´s been showing good improvement.'

The fans of Ruas Vale Tudo are anxious to see their idol back in the ring, since Ruas hasn´t announced his retirement officially. He has confessed he will be back in 2005:

'I will be certainly back to fight, it's in my plans. I´m scheduling it for next year. I want to fight next year for sure, in Japan or in Korea, since I have been invited to fight there. The last time I was in Japan, I got an invitation to fight in Korea, a good offer. I didn't accept it because, once I'm committed to something I must be ready 100%. I'm not there to fight for money, so paramount is th fact that I want a victory. To prepare, I'll have to quit with my classes, because things wouldn't work out well. At my age, giving classes and train for a match is no longer possible. I can´t train and give classes, they´re different aspects. Training for competition and at the same time, focusing on your pupils must be separated, so I intend to create a plan for next year to do this. for now, I´m only at my academy, but next year my plan involves bringing some people to help me out in the USA, or I could come back to Brazil to prepare. That's my dream: I want to step on a ring again.'

'Would it be just one match?' we asked the RVT leader.

'It depends on my condition. After the fight, I will be able to tell you this. I did a fight and I thought it was my last one, but it won't br, it was 3 years ago, and I was 40.' stated Ruas. 'Everything depends on how I will feel after the fight, if I get tired. Let´s see during my training and during the fight itself, how my stamina is. Everyone must know when to quit, it´s sad, but none of us likes to think about it, but there´s a time you gotta admit it, and I don't think my time hasn´t come yet.'"


I would like to see Ruas/Sperry

Well, so we know he's 43. That's new information for me.

That's a really smart strategy for fighting Sapp. Trying to double leg Sapp is dangerous(ask Mino). Can't wait to see Ruas fight again. Ruas vs Sperry would be fantastic.

he should fight ken