Marco Ruas vs. Maurice Smith !!

This should be a good fight in the IFL in a few weeks! I believe Ruas will win this, he came close in 1999 but his leg was messed up. Can't wait to see 2 mma legends battle.

If this happens it will be awsome. Marco was 1st well rounded fighter in UFC.

Yeah, happening in like 3 weeks at the Sears Centre, just received my tickets in the mail on Saturday

I will always be a Ruas fan! Glad to see some of the cool old school guys coming back, even if it is just for a fight or two!

I hope this fight happens.  No doubt these two are legends of MMA.  Ruas was my fav back in 1996-ish time.

Old Timers Day - I hope that this does not become a trend. Mo Smith wins by Ruas quitting due to injury - again !

How old is Marco at this point, 60?

Ruas is 46 and Smith 45 and they both look in good shape. Ruas has always been an exciting fighter IMO.

I like him alot because he was the first true mma fighter.

Mo will win and win easily.

threads like this make me loathe what mma has become these days

Man I wish I could see this fight live it would be amazing watching two pioneers of the sport who are still good go at it.I have been a fan of both forever but have been a huge Marco fan ever since I first saw him fight.

I am amazed that people actually give half a shit about this fight.


Yay, maybe Ruas/shamrock might actually happen someday.

I am interested in this fight. 2 legends of the sport. I dont see why this cant be a good fight just because they are older than average. I'd watch if they were both 55.

"I dont see why this cant be a good fight just because they are older than average."

Maybe because neither guy has fought in years and even before that, neither guy was particularly good in the last few years of their respective careers.

Sweet, I love legends matches.

So only A level fighters can have good fights?

"So only A level fighters can have good fights?"

No, but chances are that 2 45-year old men who haven't fought in 6-7 years and were already showing signs of wear prior to their retirements won't have a good fight.

I'm a fan of both and will be interested in seeing how this match plays out, hopefully it goes better than the first.