Marcus Aurelio deserves UFC

I am not from ATT.

I have never met with Marcus. In fact, I rooted *against* him twice before (Gardner and Imanari); but after an extremely impressive ZST Tournament victory, he deserves a shot at the big show.

think of this: Marcus Aurelio vs Matt Serra


after his recent tourny win I agree except 1 thing... Din, Hermes. 2 guys from ATT fighting at 155. Add to that his semi-recent loss in KOTC and I think an undefeated hermes and a very accomplished Din have to get the nod over him. He has deffinately earned a shot under any other circumstances though.

Marcus is a stud and is of the top level. He can compete (and win) at any top level shows.

I suppose you are right about Hermes and Din, they both deserve it as well. But still, Aurelio vs Serra would be sweet!

I would like to see Aurelio vs. Shaolin but I think they are friends and or teamates.

There are a lot of BJJ blackbelts out there- there are not a lot that have the skills that Matt has.

Marcus is hopeful to fight again in Japan.Aurelio = ATT Shaolin = Nova Uniao

ttt for ATT and Marcus Aurelio..jmax

I agree him against Serra would be a great fight for UFC

even tho I train at Serras Im still a fan of Aurelio hes been winning a lot lately

puma: i thought shaolin trained with you guys when in florida. my mistake.

friends different teams.

Carlpoop. :)

Damn, UFC is a few years too late......

Is there any truth to yesterday's rumor that Aurelio signed with UFC and might fight Huerta in August?

yes, that is why I revived this thread

"after his recent tourny win I agree except 1 thing... Din, Hermes. 2 guys from ATT fighting at 155."

Hermes isn't with ATT. He's with the Armory.

Look at the date guys... I am clearly trying to impress you with my matchmaking skills...

Wasn't he in "Gladiator?"

lol....wait who is that, that not Chainsaw who's rocking his name like that, that's
cuz who woulda atleast very well known that Hermes isnt a parat of ATT anymore, and woulda given Aurelio more props. anyway i agree with the thread starter Aurelio to UFC, make it happen!

~James -FFA-