Marcus Aurelio ZST Champion!!

Marcus Aurelio beat all 3 of his opponents to win the ZST Grand Prix tournament in Japan.This was a stacked tournament no matter which side of the bracket you were on. Marcus had to take out some incredibly tough guys on his way to winning it all.First up was the leg locking machine Masakuza Imanari (TEAM ROKEN-Japan). Coming off his (Imanari) 30 second win by heelhook over Jorge Gurgel everybody expected he would do the same to Marcus. Marcus prepared well and was able to use superior positioning to control the fight and win a decision. Tough first round draw but Marcus pulled out the W.Next up was "little Vanderlai". Lithuania's own Remigijus Morkevicius. This guy has been destroying everyone in his path with some brutal knees.Marcus was able to take him out with a triangle in the 1st round. Now on to the finals!Marcus faces another American in Rich Clementi of Team Extreme. Rich took out Kotani in his opening match which is impressive considering the caliber fighter that Kotani is. Rich is a former UFC vet and one of the top 155's out there.Marcus was able to land a solid right in the 1st round breaking Rich's nose getting the TKO victory!Congrats to Rich for making it to the finals in a very tough tournament. I can't say enough about Marcus. He is a beast, and I am glad he got a chance to showcase his skill and style against some of the best 155's out there.Marcus would like to credit his trainers Marcelo, Liborio, & Conan for helping whip him into shape. Also to Howard Davis Jr. for improving his hands, and to all the sparring partners who helped push him to the next level! CONGRATULATIONS MARCUS YOU ARE THE MAN!American Top Team


Very impressive!


thats a very impressive victory.


Marcus Aurelio = Dangerous Man

what an upset. I was pulling for imanari or kotani.

Good job to marcus. the 155 divison is stacked.

Marcus Aurelio is a friggin badass.

That is all.

Awesome win.

That's awesome. Marcus Aurelio kicks ass.


im extremely impressed! way to go!

congrads he seems like a bad ass I havent seen him fight tho Hope to tho soon

congrats to aurelio. he obviously has some serious skills. i also have to congratulate rich clementi. hopefully people will start to give him respect now.

yea baby!!


Awesome job Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio. Another huge American Top Team accomplishment. ATT is on fire and will be fighting in King of the Cage, UFC, AFC and more in the next month. Check out the rest of the team in those events!


Do you think that the UFC will pick Aurelio up,even though Din and Hermes are his teammates?

Are there any ATT guys going to be in future Pride Bushidos?


Congrats to Marcus & ATT!!!!


Are you guys comeing to the Arnold's in March? Talk to you later.


Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel


Way to go Marcus.