Marcus Davis Interview

Marcus Davis Quick Interview on His UFC Return
Submitted by: MMA Observer
Posted On 09/29/2006

Marcus Davis is now back in the UFC. After losing to Joe Stevenson during the second season of the Ultimate Fighter Reality show and to Melvin Guillard in the finale, Davis has earned his way back to the top mixed-martial-arts company in the United States . He will take on Forest Petz at the seventh installment of UFC's Ultimate Fight Night on October 10th, 2006 . Although Davis is excited about his return, he tells ADCC News he is just happy to be fighting.

ADCC: What has life been like for you since losing on the Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale against Melvin Guillard? MARCUS: Well it has been very busy. I have been teaching at my school and preparing my fighters for their fights and waited until March of 2006 for my shoulder to heal which was injured during the fight with Joe Stevenson on TUF2 (reality show). After I felt it was ready, I returned to fighting.

ADCC: In that fight, you lost because of a cut you endured late in the second round. How was the fight going up to that point? MARCUS: Melvin was out hustling me. I let him be explosive and played his game. I landed some shots but couldn't really capitalize on anything.

ADCC: Since then you reeled of five straight wins, finishing four of them by submissions. Was it humbling for you to go back to a smaller show to work your way back? MARCUS: It wasn't humbling. I was just happy to feel healthy and fight again. Don't get me wrong, I love the UFC, but I just love fighting any place I can.

ADCC: Out of those four fights, what was the most satisfying victory for you? MARCUS: I would say (the fight against) Doug Gordon. I won that fight by decision. He was a lot physically larger then me. He was a good striker and a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) guy from Rio BJJ in Newark , New Jersey . I was able to show that I have evolved in MMA (mixed-martial-arts). Getting all the take downs and controlling the ground game with a larger opponent. Although he was only 2-0, he had just knocked a guy out who was 6-0. He was tough!

ADCC: Now you will return to the UFC on October 10, to take on Forrest Petz. How excited are you to be back in the UFC? MARCUS: Very excited. I wasn't able to perform to what I am capable of while on the show. Now I get another chance.

ADCC: What do you know about Petz and have you seen him fight before? MARCUS: Yes. He is a very hard puncher with a great left hook and hard cross. Good upper body throws. I respect his abilities.

ADCC: Give us a prediction on the fight. MARCUS: Well in a fight like this I'm thinking who ever can impose there will first and hurt the other guy will have the big advantage. I have areas of the stand up game that are better then his but he too has a lot of strengths. I will have to take away his ability to use those strengths. We will bang it out in a vicious battle and I will win.

ADCC: Now that you're back in the UFC, what do you hope to accomplish? MARCUS: I just want to fight. I'm not looking for belts. I'm looking for good exciting fights.

ADCC: If you beat Petz, who is next on your radar? MARCUS: I'd like to fight another stand up fighter. Not sure who. I'll get back to you on that after the Petz fight.

ADCC: Thanks for time Marcus and do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsors? MARCUS: I want to thank my family for the love and support. I want to thank my manager Joe Cavallaro for getting me where I am today. I want to thank my trainer Mark Dellagrotti for his help. My sponsors, FcFighter, TEM- Dave King, Jason Waterhouse and Chris Harris.

congrats Marcus, well deserved.


TTT for Marcus Davis back in the UFC, good luck.

What's up Joe, good seeing you last week. Talk to you soon.

Good to see you Rich

Great fights!