Marcus Hicks Highlight Video!

Check out Marcus "The Wrecking Ball" Hicks' Highlight video:


I've seen alot worse boxing...His Machado JJ is well versed.

I have always heard good things about Marcus, especially his striking. Too be honest, from that highlite, I was impressed with his grappling and not his striking.

I dont know the story though, why was Avellan so pissed. I know the Avellan bros are freakin studs, so a win in a sub match there is pretty damned impressive

Heres the story that was one of my first Fighting Highlights I ever did.
That is all old footage of Marcus from the Amateurs the guy is 10 times
better than that know in every categorie Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling,
Etc. Look out for him next year.

Heres a more recent pro fight of Marcus I edited. can someone embed this
im on a macintosh.

I got a chance to train at his jiu-jitsu school (Alan Mohler JJ just outside of Irving, TX) last yearand met Marcus. Keep in mind that alot of those clips are 2-4 years old, and his skills have likely improved since then. I know his JJ and wrestling game is strong, as shown in the video. Plus, he is built like a tank at 155 - think of a build like Sean Sherk. He looks like he has a decent future in the sport. His teammate (Drake Dudley) is another phenom to watch out for. I know this has been posted on here before, but for those that haven't seen it... this kid really stands out when you see him. I walked into their school for the first time to train while I was on the road for work, and I walked away impressed.

Check out his and Marcus's resume on the Mohler JJ website:

Marcus was like my grappling nemesis back when we were blues. Many
times it came down to Marcus and I.


Marcus is the real deal TTT for Marcus!!


Don't see the sloppy boxing, as was mentioned. Good hooks and uppercuts and tight grappling. Dude has potential. G. Kid


He clearly headbutted Avellon in that clip. Maybe that had something to do with it. Considering they don't show anything else than a failed guard pass attempt, I'm assuming he stalled his way to a td victory, which would piss me off if I was Avellon.

Carsonshow is right. A bunch of sloppy flailing against S-level opponents. He should fight that Savate guy from California. They are both 5 foot 4 and flail haymakers from their hips.

In regards to the "slaps" please keep in mind that in TX up until only really about a year ago, the only MMA you could legally run at amateur or pro levels was with the boxing commission's lame Pankration ruleset - which only allowed open hand striking to the head.

I remember that match with Avellon. What a suck fest that was...

Gator Man You seem upset. Are you another Hicks nutthugger? One of those guys who thinks that local shows in Texas are on par with Pride and UFC?

LOL @ you getting all angry with me. The proof is in the video. 5 foot 4, sloppy flailing, U-level opponents. There is nothing else to say.


Marcos ( my brother ) was upset because they robbed the match. In BJJ scoring, the score would have been 14-2 in my brothers favor. My brother took him down I think two times, passed his guard, mounted and had a strong armbar attempt. Hicks scored one takedown and then held my brother in half guard. They ended up giving the match to Hicks. The event was in Texas, so I figured it was politics. Then there was the fact that my brother was being paid money to win the fight, whereas Hicks wasn't getting paid. I know that show bombed as far as attendance, so I figure the promoter was trying to cut corners and save himself some dough. So yeah my brother was pissed, and so was I. I have the video somewhere on my computer, if anybody wants to see I can show the whole video. But that is old news, we had already shown it when it happened and everybody here agreed with us.

Overall, pretty douchebaggy to put my brother in that highlight clip without having any scoring technique to display and then show Hicks with his hand raised.

Marcus is a great guy and a fantastic competitor. The clip clearly shows that, and besides, he packs a punch! Marcus is the real deal.