Marcus Jones: "You're the offense and the defense" In MMA there are lots of big personalities. Some of the biggest were on the show with you. Does anybody in MMA compare to a guy you played with by the name of Warren Sapp?

Jones: We're touching on some sticky ground. I'm going to be honest. If you're not willing to be honest about something, I don't think you need to speak on it. I think at some point there's a part of being humble that's lost on these stars in big-time sports like football, baseball, and basketball. A lot of things are given freely when you play those sports. When you start in high school your uniforms are free and everything is free. Then you go to college and get a free education. They build you up and you feel entitled to certain things. Just because you play a game. In MMA, nothing is given. No one ever says, 'Hey come here and take this class free.' You have to start at the bottom of the barrel. You have to get beaten up. Because if you are just starting and you're not getting beaten and submitted at the gym, you need to leave and pick a better gym. Every fighter starts out humble and hungry. You want to learn, learn, learn. Then you want to apply what you learn. There will be times when you aren't succesful. And when you aren't succesful in MMA, everybody sees it. If you have a bad football game, so what? There's 11 people on that field with you. Nobody's going to see you unless it's your parents looking for you. If you have a bad game in the cage, everybody sees it. You're exposed instantly. You have to get rid of that big ego that says 'I'm entitled to everything.' You have to eat your humble pie, man. You have to take your lumps and bumps like everybody else. It seems to me, in a sense, that in MMA, every fighter is the quarterback. They are watching everything you do.

Jones: Exactly. That's the right terminology. I'm going to go past that. In MMA, you're the quarterback, you're the offense, you're the defense, you're the special teams. All rolled into one. You understand what I'm saying?

Well put. Marcus is wise.

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