Margarett Goodman...

Sucks big time. " Oh you got a scratch on your head , we better stop the fight."


I think it's horrible that she consistently checks multiple cuts yet doesn't wear gloves.

" You poor thing a hangnail, lets stop the fight and get you fixed up".

Not wearing gloves in the ring while examining the fighter is an unnecessary risk. At UFC I did not notice whether Dr. Goodman was wearing gloves.
I realize Randy's eyelid laceration seemed small and insignificant.
As a physician I can tell you that was a very dangerous laceration involving the margin of his lower eyelid.
The long term complications believe it or not can be great.

Im not reffering to the Randy fight . there have been many in the past where in my oppinion she has dropped the ball.

I can't disagree with that.
I've noticed she appears a bit confused at times while examining fighters.

she's pulled that shit in Boxing too

she knows more than I do, but i think she blew the Elvis/Tanner fight.

Kazper is correct

Landless hurts the sport a lot more than Dr. Goodman does.

Dr.Goodman is one of the most respected ringside physicians in boxing there is. I haven't really had an issue with any of the calls she has made in the UFC.

She's an excellent ringside physician in boxing. HOWEVER, she does make awful call sin UFC. Tanner x Elvis was the most glairing. I believe she gets a little carried away stopping fights because she isn't accostumed to seeing MMA and perhaps she finds it "shocking".