I was wondering if anyone owns the Margarida dvd's if you could give me a little review on it to see if you liked it or not or if it's worth it's $35-$50.00 price tag(dang). Thanks in advanced. Pjay

I've watched it although not all the way through. of the 5 ways he teaches to open the closed guard...I hadn't ever seen 3 of them. but I couldn't help but think to myself...ok he's shown us how to open, now I wanna see how he passes. hopefully there will be future volumes in the series where he goes into passes, sweeps, and subs. I didn't have the time yesterday to pay much attention to the escapes but what I did notice is that its almost all escapes to a particuluar submission and not positional escapes. he does get into escaping knee on belly, but I was hoping for more positional escapes, especially since that part of my game sucks a big fat one right now.

I just finished watching the DVD. I agree with ArcadiaDan's comments. Shipping was very fast also. I got it in about 5 days.

Good DVD and worth the money.

Dragonlee, What made it worth the money to you? What was in the DVD(contents wise), was it quality postions and techniques he showed? What made it worth it to you?
Thank you,

pjay, good solid techniques and positions were shown. The DVD contains 2 volumes on it totaling 90 minutes. The price is equal to $17.50 for each volume. That is a good price in today's market. There are many instructional DVD's being sold for much more money and the content is not necessarily better.
These are all sport BJJ techniques. I believe there will be a total of 6 volumes in this series when complete.