Margarida Review

Got the Margarida DVD's for Christmas, and heres the review. I'm a 4 stripe blue belt under Royce Gracie, rolling solid and catching purple belts. So I of course didnt want to buy some DVD's that show a million new moves, I just wanted to tighten my game, and maybe get a different perspective on a move here and there.

I'll start with the negatives first. It was good that Margarida wore a different coler gi than his partner, but since it was black sometimes it was difficult to make out which limb was what, but you dont have to be a genius to figure out what was happending. Maybe in future series he should wear a blue gi. Also, a lot of times he would say things like "What do I do now?". His English was good, but he is a slow talker. Thats just my preference to have somebody talk at a normal speed, others may like this.

Now lets start with positives. Everything he shows is solid. Nothing fancy or hollywood moves shown. At the beginning of each move I though "Okay, I know this move", then he would show and there would be a detail or two I didnt know about or had forgotten. I dont know why people complain about this set not being "advanced" enough. Advanced does not always equal good. I thought that the best part of the series were the submission, as they seemed to have more flow to them. The sweeps portion was a standout part of the dvd.

One thing I did like was the 5 parts to the choke. I tried the whole five parts and of course it isnt like magic, but when you sink a choke and use all five parts, if you do them slow and in order they'll usually tap before 5.

Awesome DVD series, I hope BJJTAPES makes a follow up series with Margarida.

cool review. I havent seen the submission DVD. I'd love to check it out.

Nice review LittleC.

The complaint about the series from a few of us wasn't that it was basic, it was that it had no flow it was just moves isolated from each other. I didn't get the rest of the series after seeing the first part and was very disappointed.

I wouldn't mind seeing the submissions vol.

Nice review.