Yes a big thank you goes to Sam Kim over at for posting it...

Thanks a lot for that. Great vid.

Thanks to Sam Kim at for the video.


Margarida almost made PedePano look like a beginner at the end.

Wow. That looked like a different Pepe than were used to seeing. Atleast, the music drowned out his habitual complaining. I thought I saw him mouth to the ref "he's sweating too much".

thank you so much for putting that up. that was awesome!


I hope I'm not ruffling too many feathers here (I to train BJJ) but what was with first part? pulling guard when he could have gotten the takedown, and then facing away from the other bloke. I know he's trying to avoid his guard being passed, but it's a bad habit for a martial artist IMO, he would have had the crap kicked out of him in any other setting.

again, just curious, sorry to piss anyone off! :)

OnDaMat, he's playing his "damn guard" which is very hard to pass. It works very well for him in Sport Jiu-Jitsu.

And who cares what would happen to you in the street? This is sport bjj. Thats like saying wrestlers shouldn't use the referees position because "in the street" they'd get pummelled there. It's all sport homie.

Pe de Pano, was using the cross guard - you have to realize this is a sport bjj match not a vale tudo fight. I have no problem with pe de pano pulling this type of guard.( Of course you would not do this in a real fight. )

That's just a good video to watch. Even better if you're a Pe De Pano hater.

Crump's Brother has armbarred the correct


Competition BJJ is a sport, not a fight. The "that wouldn't work in a real fight" argument is played out.


cool fellas. I guess there are so many different flavours of BJJ...personally I like folks like Mino etc in an MMA context. I guess its because I, like most people had their first exposure to BJJ through Royce. cool vid though.


That was great. Love watching these types of matches where one guy is working his ass off to make something happen.

great vid! thanks

Awesome! Thank you.