Maricopa County...done counting ballots for the night

actually you are wrong and they have been doing that at least this cycle

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In podunk towns sure, then they are sent to a central location for manual tally

It’s rich as fuck that Lake stopped complaining about the cheating as soon as they started winning. THEY BEAT THE ALGORITHM!!!


“Political groups and nonprofits aligned with the Democratic Party have spent nearly $44 million on advertising campaigns across five states’ Republican primaries to boost the profile of far-right candidates in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland.”

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Ok ?. .

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Trump and far-right Trump candidates winning primaries is easily the best shot, likely only shot, the democrats have

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Nothing they wrote adds up to 40 million, did you read your link?

Completely different situation. There is no chance for a democrat to win Wyoming’s at large congressional seat.

But in other states, there are districts where the democrats think they can win if they are running against a far right, Trump-endorsed candidate. That is why they (democrats) are funding the Trump candidates in the primary campaigns.

Pretending that doesn’t matter should get you fucking smacked

you not understanding why what i said matters will get you laughed at, dummy.

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Nothing about your post refutes the underlying premise of that news story (Democrats supporting the further right candidates in Republican primaries throughout the country), did you eat the peanuts out of my shit?

They think the Trump candidates will be easier to beat in November. They’ve been funding ads to support Trump candidates.

And Maloney’s opponent isn’t the only one calling him out for it. Even cnn has said it could blow up in their face.

The country of France with a population of 60+ million can count and deliver their election results in the same night it occurs.

Arizona is the laughing stock of the world and it is due to the corrupt pieces of shit in Maricopa County.

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AZ is verifying signatures and as they are counting. Since the Dem Katie Hobbs was pretty much uncontested a lot of left leaning faggots registered as libertarianism got Republican ballots and voted for Kari Lake as they were feel Hobbs has an easier way path to victory over her. We shall see!

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Love the ambiguity here, so if Lake wins it’s evidence of fraud (Democrats think the Trump candidate is easier to beat!) and if Robson wins it’s evidence of fraud (Democrats want to elect a RINO!)

Heads she’s right, tails you lose! For fucks sake.


Hahaha “real change is coming”. You are not changing shit at the ballot box when you dont count the vote fuckers.

Which would would you rather have drain your balls though? Lake has got that angry short hair thing going on I bet she is a seriously horny bitch with all the free test