Marijuana Legal in Mich!

Starting next month. There goes the training!

100 percent legal? i doubt it.

Medical mary jane, dont know the requirements yet, paper says board of health will have something to do with it.

yeah it just got passed..gotta have a prescription though. hey Shire, call me tomorrow if ya get a chance.

Ok Q, I gotta 6 hr police tactics class from 12 to 6 PM. I will call after that.

 ok, pop 1 was for the medicial weed. You have to get a script. then you can reg with the state to grow it, threre is conflict in the # of plants you can have at one time some say 7 some say 12, but trust me it's enough for one person with a mild habit.

The ketch is that you have no legal way of obatining seeds. Thats where they get you. How did you legaly get the plant......The law has a long way to go b4 we are like Cali, alaska, or Amsterdam. Guys like you and me will not be able to get the script, and trust me I have a cool ass doc. What ever I want he will give me. I already asked him about it.

SO the law still has to go into effect and that will not happen till next year. till then keep your habits to yourself and don't pull next to a cop, blow skoke in his car and say "I voted for Barack and prop 1 asshole!"

still will end up the same, in handcuffs and a bloody lip,