Marina Slips in SoCal for large Cat (40')

Heyas...thanks for the replies...the OG is always better than Google!

Judge, dunno, our target move date is December so we've only just begun collating data. I'd love to get a Lagoon, but it will depend on price.

472CKL, ya, both. Marinas reserve 10% or so of their slips for live aboards, but only a handful of those are large enough to accommodate a large Cat. Makes 'em scarce, or so I'm lead to believe....

How is Chula Vista marina? The pics look nice, but I think I remember the area not being very good and having a lot of crime. Secure parking is a must for us.

I will check out Marina Del Ray for sure!

Wish I could do the Channel Islands, but I don't think they'll work until we retire.

Any more recommendations?

Thanks OG!