Marines Dissed

The following letter (unsigned) was in the Flak
section of the July, 2004, issue of Soldier of Fortune
(page 79). Personally, I think it is pure HORSESHIT. I
workout in the Semper Fit Fieldhouse on Pendleton
nearly every morning and do see a lot of Marines
pumping iron but outside I see them running in
everything from shorts to boots, helmets, and flak
jackets (or whatever the modern equivalent is). I know
when my son was a Marine they ran and humped a lot. I
also have read that in the Falklands there were Brits
who were unable to maintain the pace carrying the load
that is described. I have a lot of respect for
American Marines and would like to see what you guys
have to say about this.


"I am sick of the American soldiers putting the French
down. I served in the Brit army nine years, the
Foreign Legion five years. I trained with your Marines
and to be honest they could not match the legionnaires
or Brit squids. Your marines spend most of the time
pumping weights but when it came to marching across
the desert a lot of marines fell out; climbing a
24-foot rope without the use of your feet, again a lot
failed. One marine admitted they did not run far
because they have a lot of helicopters. In the
Falklands, the Brit marines marched carrying 120
pounds for days. In the jungle training camp in
Central America the marines took eight to finish a
part of the course as a squad where as the French did
it in one hour. So because you have the best equipment
does not mean when it comes to the hard job solider
(sic) vs. solider (sic), legionnaire vs. marine I
would put my money on the FRENCH legionnaire all the

Maybe the guy was training w/ some support guys. Not trying to defend him but hate to break it to everyone....not every Marine is a straight superman, snake-eating, hardcore, SEAL skilled super warrior. (Can you feel the sarcasm?)
I am a Marine and have trained with a lot of foriegn soldiers and such and can say this....every force has it's "good guys" and not so good guys. There are guys that aren't in shape and those that are. To judge a group as a whole by the actions of a few is retarded.
If everyone were to do that then what about the French now. I mean they've won so many wars and battles so the MUST be bad ass.(Sarcasm?)


I have been in the Marine infantry as well as the Army Rangers. I have worked with both the British Marines and the 2nd REP of the French Foreign Legion.

There is no doubt that the British Royal Marines are an excellent outfit. There is also no doubt that our Marines are too.

Brit Royal Marines are pretty damn hard. They're an extremely small force (compared to the US Marine Corps) and can be very selective. They should really be compared to any US special ops units (take your pick).

As for the French, he's speaking of the FOREIGN legion. They are made of guys from ALL OVER the world. They're also small and selective.

Like HotSpar said, he probably had the misfortune of training with some pogues.

no shame

Was gong to make the FOREIGN legion point, but now beating a dead horse...

However, I have to say that most marines I have met would rather die thatn fallout when training with a foreign counterpart, or an American counterpart for that matter. Not that all Marines are Superman, but that is the mentality I have seen with most.