Mario 64

Having played this along time ago, I was somewhat bemused to find many people on the gamerground shooting their load over this game, and calling it the best game ever.

To be sure I wasn't incorrect, I downloaded it and gave it another go. Sure enough, this game was only about 7/10 when it was released. These days, its more like 4/10.

What exactly is so good about it? Its not crap, but its not great either. Oh yeah, and the 'brilliant' 3d camera? You mean the one that always seems to get stuck behind walls during important parts of the game?

Fortunately, I know if I either get RSI or some kind of severly degenerative disease there will always be one game I can count on to play well enough, that some how manages to be easier than MGS2.

Emulating anything can suck. You do not play a game like Mario 64 on a pc man. Find me someone who was dissapointed with it when it came out. On another thread I said Half Life didn't seem that great when I just played it now and someone went nuts. And rightfully so. Overrated is one thing, but games like Mario 64 are masterpieces.

Mario 64 was great when it came out and still is. Clearly ahead of it's time for many reasons. In fact it's better than most platform games that come out now. Not bad for a game from '96.

yeah, its just fun!

Tsuneo, you are an idiot =P

Super Mario World for snes is better than half the stuff that comes out now.

"You need the N64 controller, not a emulator to enjoy it fully."

"Emulating anything can suck."

It can but in this case it dosn't. In fact, its better than the original because Im playing in 1280x960. The emulation is technically perfect.

Also I have a Wingman joypad, which is almost exactly the same as a PS2 pad. So I have no control issues.

lol at no one actually giving me a reason as to why it is good.

Can you tell me where to get an N64 emulator and the roms, please? Thanks.

I got 'em off edonkey.

The emulator is Nemu64.

"lol at no one actually giving me a reason as to why it is good."

I did: It is fun... simple as that

...and I don't give a fuck if you agree with me or not

actually Armbreaker, the visuals can be improved with emulators

I played PS1 Tekken 3 on bleem like 4 years ago and it looked clearer than the arcade version, although the models were of lower polygon count.

Anyways.... Mario 64 rules

Mario 64 is excellent for the following reasons:

Fun factor is through the roof. The levels are huge and in 3D for the first time ever. 7 stars to collect on every level and challenging objectives for each star.

Replay Value is definetly there. It only takes around 75 stars to beat the game but there are another 45 to actually complete it. The end rewards is indeed lame however.

Play control is very tight. Mario goes apeshit with backflips, slides and mid air flip-twists. The controls while flying are particularly impressive.

Graphics are flat out gorgeous. The wop has never looked as good.

This is literally the first time I've heard someone badmouth Mario 64. When it came out people were staying home from school and work to play it.

I wasn't bad mouthing it. Its just not very good.

Tsuneo... why are you such a negative person?

Fuck Emulators just get it for the DS, the graphics are improved plus it's now multiplayer. Definetly the best version out there.

I dont think Mario 64 is multiplayer?

The jumping puzzles alone were brilliant.

lol @ the wingman "joypad"

This thread is property of HELWIG. Classic fucking game that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. So much diversity in the levels...

Yeah classic game. I downloaded it on an emulator and it sucked balls. I wish i could find my original cartriage for the N64.

Helwig, Mario for 64*4 for the Nintendo DS is multiplayer. It's the same game just upgraded with multiplayer and better graphics.